Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal Policy:

Request for Proposals will be open to the community every three years.  In off years the Board may entertain Request for Proposal Submissions. The Board will approve the types of proposals that will be accepted.  Types of proposals will be based off the current Community Plan, Priorities set by the board and needs identified in the community.  The proposal will be published to email contact groups and on the Buena Vista, Crawford, Sac, Early Childhood Iowa website.

The proposal will include:

  •     Letter of Intent,
  •     Proposal Forms and Availability of forms,  
  •     Guidance and supporting documents, 
  •     Required Documents, Conflict of Interest Statement, etc.,
  •     Proposals due date, 
  •    Timeline for project.

Proposals will be reviewed using a scoring system.  Scoring will assist the board to come to a unified decision.

BVCS Early Childhood Iowa RFP Guidance

FY 25 RFP Letter of Intent

Request for Proposal Template Attachment B

Budget RFP Attachment C

Project Result Matrix Attachment D

RFP Assurance Form Attachment E

Request for Renewal Policy: Contracts will be issued for one year with the option for renewal. Renewals will be based on the contractor’s performance.   In the case a contract does not work out, the contract expires, and the board does not renew.  Renewals require a new budget submitted each year.  Funding may vary for each renewal year, based on BVCS Early Childhood Iowa allocation and carry forward amounts.